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The Obama plan for USPS, CMON, WTF. He cant be serious, i mean spend another 7 Billion dollars to prop it up without cutting jobs, a plan that has been made by the Postal Service themselves in cutting costs. 
He should have Postal Services get an executive committee that can come up with modernization of the agency both in terms of relevance and revenues. INstead everyone in the Obama administration is trying to band aid the damn irganization. USPS defines archaic, and the sooner everyone realizes this the better it is. 

Create an organization that can beat FedEx with document management and outsourcing and  print centers, maybe strike a deal with Xerox and FedEx to create a hybrid service company. 

Do the following: - 

  • Reduce headcount using drastic measures including voluntary retirements
  • reduce operational inefficiencies and organizational fat
  • Make the government organization focus on becoming a for profit company
  • Take Saturday off
  • Diversify revenue streams by partnering with companies in related businesses
  • Have all government agencies outsource their document management and contact centers to the USPS
  • Create franchise models and offload location to franchisees who will be participatory investors that can manage local operations and revenues.